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Bread vending machines by maBaguette

Welcome to our English speaking friends !

Bread vending machines by maBaguette ! Pending to a possible adaptation of the contents of in English, you are currently on the only page dedicated to export of ours bread vending machines.

The success of our bread vending machines has now spread far beyond our borders. We are very excited and aware of the qualitative resonance of our products. Our approach has always been driven by the need to meet the expectations and requirements of artisan bakers. Our leadership on the French market merely reinforces this responsibility.

Our section "Caractéristiques de nos distributeurs" ("Our vending machines features") displays the technical and physical components of our bread vending machines. Though numbers transcend cultures, we still wanted to highlight different items.

maBaguette Company manufactures its vending machines in the department of Maine-et-Loire (located 350km south-west of Paris). The bread vending machines of maBaguette are a real opportunity for bakers to increase their turnover by offering a local service in areas of strong commercial depopulation – most of all, on a 24 hour / 7 day basis.


Bread vending machines who can be installed anywhere

Thanks to their low surface coverage, maBaguette’s vending machines can be installed anywhere, inside, outside (in enterprises, retail spaces where there are no bakery, industrial areas, campsites, etc.). They can significantly increase the catchment areas for better distribution of craft skills facing mass retailers. Robust, reliable, easy to use and equipped with a warning system against inviolability, our bread vending machines instantly deliver a French baguette. There are no waiting times for the customer.

By means of integrated systems, the baker is noticed in real time of any imminent stock out of his or her vending machine. The baker can then resupply his machine with new batches. The rounds of bakers become more profitable and fast through the presence of a fixed point of sale. Our concept therefore enables a better management of working hours.

For further inquiries, please use our contact form. We will reply as quickly and as efficiently as possible. / All the team at maBaguette

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